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Below are all products offered for the Xfinity series.
Please note that each car needs a "A", "B" and "C" kit at track.

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Roof template for all NASCAR series
Our Price: $50.00

Roof template for roof mount ("A"-kit). Roof template is identical for all NASCAR series.
Roof mount a.k.a the "A" Kit - REQUIRED
Our Price: $100.00

Kit contains:
(1) fiberglass roof insert
(1) soap dish frame with rivets and washers.
Y-Cable for Throttle & RPM sensors (Xfinity Series only)
Our Price: $130.00

This is the same cable that is included with each Xfinity ā€œCā€ kit. This cable ties the RPM and throttle sensors into one cable to feed the Vector data box. It is sold separately for those teams that want to permanently install the splitter cable under the dash but still want to move the ā€œCā€ kit from car to car. The Y-Cable connects Vector 3 with Throttle and RPM sensors and contains cable with 3 connectors.
Claws a.k.a. the "B" Kit - REQUIRED
Our Price: $165.00

Kit contains:
(1) set of claws with attaching hardware
(1) wrench
Vector Lid with Shark Fin (for wind tunnel testing)
Our Price: $200.00

This unit contains the lid with shark fin. The lid and shark fin can be used for installing into the car for wind tunnel testing. This is NOT a required accessory.
Battery housing Xfinity Cars a.k.a. the "C" kit - REQUIRED
Our Price: $750.00

This kit contains the battery box which mounts at the intersection of the vehicles #6/#7 bars. Integrated into the kit is the wiring harness which provides power to the roof mounted vector unit and the splitter cable which connects the unit to the RPM and throttle sensors.

"C" Kit for Vector 3 Xfinity Cars contains:
- Silver Battery housing and wiring harness.
- This kit contains (1) Y-cable to connect to the Throttle and RPM sensors.

Extra Y-cables for the Xfinity Series cars can be ordered as well.

Battery housing for Xfinity cars are SILVER colored.